How the Upside design team created our new logo

Three years ago, on the cusp of rapid growth and with a readiness to level-up our brand expression, we launched our visual identity. While our brand has continuously evolved since then, we’re proud of that work and the foundation that it set. In fact, we believe it set us up for the remarkable growth we’ve seen since then.

Users have now earned $200 million cash back, Upside businesses have earned $350 million in profit, and Upside has offset 2.1 million metric tons of CO2 and rescued 136K pounds of food. As our Co-founder and CEO Alex Kinnier wrote, we’ve chosen a business model that ensures that there is only upside for consumers, merchants, and our planet. And today we announced that our company has a simpler name to match.  

We’re thrilled that along with that name, today we debut our new logo, designed in-house by the Upside team.

The team and the brief

We know that diversity drives innovation, so we gathered a team of Upsiders from across the company: creative strategists, researchers, ux designers, and visual designers.

The creative brief was, well, brief. We sought a logo to represent the best parts of our business: that ‘birthday feeling’ users and business owners get when they use our products. And of course we wanted the design to match the word itself. "Upside" has a lot of positive associations: a positive outlook, the optimism of potential, the bright side we create.

The brainstorm

With the team and brief in place, our Head of Design, Jan Rubio, held a creative kickoff. We hopped into an Around video meeting and a FigJam, and spent time working through prompts to get us in the zone and out of our heads.

First, a playful exploration of what Upside could be. Prompt: If Upside was an animal, what would it be?

Next, a jumpstart into areas to explore. Prompt: What kind of symbols could be associated with Upside?

To conclude this creative exploration session, we grounded ourselves in our company values. Prompt: What imagery comes to mind when thinking about each of our values?

With that session wrapped, our designers were ready to start sketching.

The work

For early logo concepts, we went as wide as possible, with few constraints. Designers were able to interpret the brief and stray as far from our existing foundation as they wanted, and the work was thrilling.

But through that wide exploration, we kept gravitating towards those logos that felt like home. Not where we’ve lived, but where we’re going, with room to grow. And so for the next round of design, we tightened the constraints to see what logos could pay homage to our existing identity.

With our final selection, we got to fine-tuning and taking elements we loved from each to produce the best possible logo. We focused on refining lines and angles to create a strategic and visually pleasing final product. Today, we’re thrilled for this new logo to officially represent everything we do.

The upside of it all

We’re just getting started. Upside is primed to bring new consumers into the fold,

launch in new categories, continue our investment in important sustainability initiatives, and grow our team. And with all of those initiatives come opportunities to further evolve our brand, to deepen and strengthen our upside. 

We hope you’ll follow along.