Boosting c-store sales at your station through gas promotions

To achieve fuel profitability, it is crucial to maximize capacity utilization, increasing sales at the pump and driving sales at your convenience store.

March 8, 2023
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Boosting c-store sales at your station through gas promotions
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Boosting c-store sales at your station through gas promotions

Over the last year, convenience store sales have experienced a 1.8% increase. However, with low-profit margins at the pump, it's essential to focus on increasing pump-to-store conversion rates to drive higher-value transactions per customer. One way to achieve this is by strategizing ways to utilize spare capacity on site, which can attract new customers while offering profitable promotions both at the pump and in your convenience store.

Optimizing capacity utilization at your fuel site

The utilization of fuel capacity refers to the measurement of pumped gallons during a particular timeframe compared to the gallons that could have been pumped if the pumps were continuously in operation. 

Utilizing available capacity allows retailers to boost sales without increasing operational costs, resulting in a direct increase in profits. Additionally, by utilizing spare capacity and attracting purchases from new or infrequent customers, fuel retailers can also increase the chances of these customers utilizing other on-site assets such as the c-store, auto repair center, or car wash.

Learn more about how measuring and optimizing capacity utilization can help fuel retailers increase profits and improve their overall on-site performance: Why Measuring Capacity Utilization is Essential for Fuel Retailers

Modifying fuel customer behavior to encourage in-store shopping

By providing customized fuel promotions that attract new and occasional customers to fuel retailers' sites, retailers can utilize their spare capacity and encourage customers to move beyond the pump and into the convenience store.

To increase fuel retailers' profits, it is essential to maximize capacity utilization by:

  1. Finding and connecting with new and infrequent customers 
  2. Communicating with each on a one-to-one basis, and incentivizing individual behavioral changes
  3. Developing ways to upsell these customers on in-store offerings

Personalization is critical to filling excess capacity without cannibalizing sales, as regular customers continue to pay full price while new and occasional customers receive personalized promotions. As a result, fuel retailers can achieve incremental sales that directly contribute to their bottom line. By targeting new, infrequent, or occasional consumers and encouraging them to incorporate a fuel-and-shop routine, retailers can increase customer loyalty and encourage in-store purchases every time they fill up.

Using Upside to drive capacity utilization at the pump and in-store

Upside helps you maximize capacity utilization by doing three key things:

  • Expanding the station's reach to connect with new and infrequent customers, thereby increasing fuel and in-store sales: By default, this applies to your c-store — putting your site in front of nearby consumers looking to fill up.
  • Communicating directly with each customer through personalized promotions to profitably change their behavior: Offering these incentives gets them to stop by your site more frequently and does so profitably.
  • Upselling customers on in-store offerings at a value they are willing to pay for, driving incremental gallons and c-store sales: More importantly, we do this consistently to turn this new fuel-and-shop experience into a customer routine.

By utilizing Upside's platform, retailers can drive capacity utilization, increase profitability, and boost inside sales. To learn more about how Upside can help fuel retailers achieve these goals, reach out to our team through the form below.

Boosting c-store sales at your station through gas promotions

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