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Deliver personalized, high-value, retailer-funded offers directly to your customers. Upside powers rewards and builds loyalty for partners from a wide range of industries.

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Upside’s high-value, retailer-funded promotions are entirely unique to the industry. Provide your users with earnings at everyday food and fuel retailers nationwide, directly in your app.


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Upside’s seasoned partner teams will be with you along every step of implementation, including designing the user experience, working with our APIs, and crafting go-to-market strategies.

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Integrating Upside’s cash back offers into your product experience can deliver more than 60% lift in user sessions per month and a 40% improvement in monthly retention.

New customers and transactions

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Upside’s platform delivers personalized, evergreen offers without the need to collect sensitive data from your users.

Measurable results unlike any other platform

Upside is the only platform that delivers attributable, incremental, and profitable results. Unlike rewards programs or card-linked offers, Upside's promotions are dynamic and personalized, providing exact insight into the value generated for users, retailers, and partners on every transaction. This proven approach maintains satisfaction across our extensive retailer network, affirming Upside's position as the preferred choice for measurable success.

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Uber and Lyft driver so I use a lot of gas. I save on average 70 cents per fill up. Took me like 45 days to get 10 dollars Cashback so def worth it :) thanks upside


This is a great app if you are doing Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Uber Eats, etc... you get money back when putting gas and you get discounts on other things. Also I give it 5 stars.


I do Instacart and anything to make my gas cheaper is cool with me!! Easy to use!!!


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