New customers and proven profit for restaurants, guaranteed.

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Guaranteed profit

No long term contract. See why restaurants nationwide choose Upside.
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Why restaurants love Upside

Guaranteed profit
Upside is funded through the new profits we generate for your business. Performance is proven with detailed analytics to guarantee that you make money on every transaction, or you don't pay.
New customers and more spend from regulars
Upside can distinguish between regular, infrequent, and new customers to personalize cash back offers that bring in more profit from each customer.
Easy integration
There are no operational changes, staff training, or hardware or software required with Upside.  Join the platform in 5 minutes and we do the rest to ensure your bottom line grows.
More than 30 million
people using Upside to decide where to dine
$2 billion+
spent annually at businesses on Upside
businesses already on Upside
2x more visits
from customers that are proven to earn you profit

Trusted by Industry Leaders

"What Upside has done is given me a proven customer acquisition tool that I can go to our franchisor and say, ‘These customers that are now ordering from us, came from this partnership.’ And to be honest, in the 22 years I've been doing that, I've never been able to validate and give my 100% stamp of approval that these customers came from this partnership. And now I can do that."

VP of Marketing at Prairie Pizza, a Domino’s Franchise Group
Hear from a restaurant owner
Greta Dvorak, owner and operator of Dunn Brothers Coffee in Arden Hills, MN, shares how Upside has impacted her bottom line and what it means to be a part of the Upside network
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Simple sign-up process that takes 10 minutes and requires zero software integration, hardware, or long term contracts
We bring you new customers
Upside generates profitable cash back promotions delivered to customers through our free mobile app that are proven to bring those customers through your doors
Customers dine as-usual at your restaurant
All your operations stay the same. Users take advantage of your promotions by claiming your offers in the Upside app, paying as-usual, snapping a picture of their receipt, and earning cash back right in the app.
Measure your performance
Use your personal dashboard to see Upside transactions in real-time. You'll see important information like which customers are new and which are regular, the additional revenue and profit generated, and your return on investment.
Leave it on autopilot
Upside does the work for you. There's no staff training or operational changes are required. The platform is always on and running behind the scenes to bring in new customers.
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Millions already love Upside

See what the Upside community has to say
Make it a habit to check before you head somewhere. Great deals come around and you don’t want to miss it!
Ed V.
Referring friends means you get to sit back and relax as you watch the money add up in your account!
Paige C.
You don’t have to link a card, but if you do you can check in to the station and not even have to upload your receipt, which makes an already easy app EVEN EASIER!
Melissa B.
I was skeptical, researched and I said I would give it a shot for a month and look at me now ! $220 in and still making money daily off referrals.
Vanessa D.
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