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Domino's franchise drives 1.5% total sales lift with Upside

How Prairie Pizza, a Domino's franchise, attracts new patrons and drives repeat business to increase sales.

September 2022

Retailer Profile


Prairie Pizza




North and South Carolina

Number of sites

80 franchise restaurants

Joined Upside

February 2022

Key results

lift in total sales within five months of joining Upside

Over 52%

of customers that use Upside at Prarie Pizza Domino’s locations are new customers

Upside significantly altered

the purchasing habits of existing customers, prompting them to visit more often and place additional orders

The challenge

Growing sales and retaining customers

Prairie Pizza, a large Domino's franchise with 80 restaurants in North and South Carolina, sought ways to grow sales, acquire new customers, and increase engagement with existing customers. Traditional marketing methods did not provide the measurable results they desired, prompting them to search for different, more attributable solutions.

Upside solution

Personalized offers for new and repeat business

In March 2022, Prairie Pizza partnered with Upside to leverage its platform for customer acquisition and retention. Upside implemented a tailored approach to address the specific needs of Prairie Pizza:

  • Attracting new customers: Upside identified potential customers who had not yet dined at Prairie Pizza locations. By employing personalized offers, Upside successfully attracted these new patrons to Prairie Pizza, fostering customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Driving repeat business and engagement: Upside implemented strategies to encourage increased engagement and repeat visits from existing customers. Through personalized promotions and rewards, Upside motivated Prairie Pizza's loyal customer base to frequent the restaurants more often, leading to increased orders and revenue.

Proven success with engaging new and existing customers

Prairie Pizza Domino's witnessed a remarkable transformation in its business after implementing Upside's personalized offers. Over 52% of customers using Upside at their locations were new to the franchise, contributing to the 1.5% lift in total sales. 

Upside also significantly altered the purchasing habits of existing customers, prompting them to visit more often and place additional orders.

The impact of Upside's solution resonated with both the franchise and its patrons. Ryan Swanson, VP of Marketing and Store Development at Domino's, said: 

"What Upside has done is given me a proven engagement tool that I can go to our franchisor and say, ‘These customers that are now ordering from us, came from this partnership.’ And to be honest, in the 22 years I've been doing that, I've never been able to validate and give my 100% stamp of approval that these customers came from this partnership. And now I can do that."

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