A new model for commerce

Upside is building and distributing a new economic model that levels the playing field in brick and mortar commerce and empowers everyone to earn more. Retailers earn more profit without changing how they operate, and consumers enjoy increased purchasing power on the things they need.


Our mission

We exist to advance the economic power of people living and working in the real world.

Our impact

We use everyday commerce to empower people and businesses, and to protect the world around us.

Upside’s financial impact

We’re bringing personalization to brick and mortar commerce, and the economic impact is massive. The numbers speak for themselves, and Upside doesn't make money unless users and retailers do first.


in cash back to consumers to date


in new, incremental profit to retailers to date


in commerce runs through the platform annually

Upside’s sustainability impact

We use the commerce of today to help our world for tomorrow. Since 2016, we’ve committed 1% of all revenue to sustainability initiatives that touch on our areas of operation. With our massive financial impact, this has put us in league with some of the world’s largest companies doing good.


metric tons of CO2 offset


pounds of food rescued


of all revenue goes toward sustainability initiatives
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Our history

As demand for our product grows, our team and our company grow with it.

November 2015

Closed series A

May 2016

First gas stations join the platform

June 2018

First grocery stores join the platform

January 2016

GetUpside begins

August 2017

First restaurants join the platform

Company news