Retailer spotlight: Cardenas Markets

As we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, we're honored to showcase the Hispanic people and businesses we work with. 

October 12, 2022
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Retailer spotlight: Cardenas Markets
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Retailer spotlight: Cardenas Markets

Cardenas Markets is an innovative and influential grocer that boasts an extensive selection of Latino Products in the communities they serve. I sat down with Adam Salgado, Chief Marketing Officer at Cardenas Markets, to learn more about their offerings and how they view their role in this year's celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. 

What makes Cardenas special to the communities you serve? 

Cardenas is an authentic brand that is ingrained in our communities because we view our customers like family. We are committed to providing the most authentic offerings and freshest products that celebrate life, family, and culture.

We've read a lot about how Cardenas is celebrating Hispanic culture and traditions this Hispanic Heritage Month. Why is celebrating this month as a Hispanic grocer so important to your business? 

First of all, as a Hispanic grocer, we celebrate our Hispanic heritage every day of the year. Having said that, for the past few years, we have leveraged Hispanic Heritage month to especially celebrate our customers and team members. Whether it's through sweepstakes, recipe sharing, or highlighting those inspiring Latinos that have paved the way for all of us -- we're not only creating excitement at the stores but creating reminders about the positive impact that Hispanic Americans have left on our country.

What kind of response have you seen from your customers about all of your Hispanic Heritage Month programming? 

We are thankful that we have a very engaged following. We love our customers because they react well to new programs. This year we have had one of the highest numbers of sign-ups for our sweepstakes. And we love that we can give back to our customers as we celebrate them and appreciate their business. We have also received great feedback on the new Nuestra Gente feature, where we highlight famous and inspirational Latinos.

We're proud to partner with Cardenas Markets this month and every month. Thank you for all you do to provide authentic ingredients and experiences for customers in our communities! 

Retailer spotlight: Cardenas Markets

Gaby Martinez

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