We’re helping you get to the polls!

Helping communities thrive is core to our company mission, and communities thrive when everyone participates in democracy. However you're casting your vote (in-person, drop box, or by mail), we want to help you do just that.

What is the campaign?

With less than two weeks until the local and national US elections, we have launched our first-ever Upside voting initiative, Get Out the Vote. This non-partisan initiative running through Election Day encourages our millions of Upside users nationwide to make their voices heard in their communities by getting out to vote.  

How does it work?

Now through Election Day, November 3, 2020, Upside users can email our support team at support@getupside.com, a picture of you getting out the vote - outside of your polling place, in your car with your “I Voted” sticker, or dropping your ballot into the mail, to receive a 10¢/gal bonus applied to your Upside account. And if you’ve already turned in your ballot (great job!), just send us a selfie explaining why voting is important to you. To learn more, visit Get Out the Vote.

Moving forward with purpose

2020 has brought a global health crisis, tighter purse strings, a national reawakening around race, and important local, state, and national elections. At Upside we strive to live up to our company values, that drive every decision we make. Through company-wide voting initiatives, and ongoing discussions on racial justice, Upside is committed to doing our part to help all communities thrive.