Is the Upside app legit?

Understanding how the Upside App works: Earn more cash back with every purchase.

August 1, 2022
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Is the Upside app legit?
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Is the Upside app legit?

How does the Upside app work?

Upside partners with over 50,000 businesses who want to win you over with great offers you won't get anywhere else. It's a win-win for you and the business. 

Because we work with each business on the offers they provide, you see 2 - 3 times more cash back with Upside than with any other product. And when you do well, businesses do well. Each Upside offer is profitable for them too.  

What’s in it for Upside?  When we bring businesses a customer or a purchase they weren’t expecting (and prove it!), then together we share in the profit earned on that purchase. Users get cash back for choosing that business, and businesses get more profit. It’s a win-win, and Upside doesn’t get paid until both make money first.

The best part is that our platform is super easy to use. When you want to earn cash back, just:

  1. Open the app and claim an offer near you
  2. Pay as usual with any credit or debit card
  3. Either tap Check In or snap a pic of your receipt
  4. Earn cash back in the app and cash out whenever you want!

We also have a unique referral program. You can share Upside with your friends and family; every time they earn, so will you. FOREVER! 

If you don’t believe us, take it from our users:

Upside user reviews

Upside is simple. 

"I love the simplicity of it; literally, anyone can use it. You can check in to a station and not even have to upload your receipt, which makes the app even easier!" - Melissa B. 

"I absolutely LOVE this app! It is so simple to use, and there is literally no catch. All you have to do is pick the gas station you want, assign your card to the app, and boom, you get free money." - Alyssa M. 

"This is by far the most lucrative app I've ever used. It's simple and free. Why wouldn't you use it?" - Nick A.  

Upside is real.  

"This isn't a scam app. You actually get money back. I'm surprised at the number of places you go out that are on this app." - Luis S. 

"Earned almost $50 cash back already, and I've been using it for about two months. Earning cash back on groceries and gas is very Handy, especially now!" - Courtney S. 

"I was skeptical and researched, and I said I would give it a shot for a month, and look at me now! $220 in and still making money daily off referrals." - Vanessa D. 

Upside helps with the future.

"The ability to save for my son's future education while doing everyday activities!" - Rich K. 

"Upside has helped a LOT of people pay their bills during these uncertain times." - Cory B. 

"I love the fact that I can use the earned money to buy Christmas gifts for my family at the end of the year." - Fitz H.

"Using Upside allows me to earn enough money to pay for my vacations!" - Randall L.

Is the Upside App a Scam?

People across the country use Upside to get more value on their everyday food and fuel purchases. And today as prices continue to rise, the need for our product has never been greater. 

The stats speak for themselves: 

  • $250 million in total cash back to users
  • Frequent users earn an average of $148 every year
  • 325K+ 5-star ratings in the App and Google Play stores 

We've come a long way since we started in 2016, and we're incredibly proud of the impact we are making. 

So no, we are not a scam. We do what we say we do! 

We give consumers more purchasing power and drive proven profit to participating businesses. No other business has been able to guarantee both. We generate the largest possible cash back offers for consumers while driving new, proven profit to the retailers in our communities. 

Every purchase on Upside also makes a positive impact on the world. Since 2016, we have offset nearly 2 million metric tons of CO2 from gallons sold through the platform. And in 2021, we expanded our sustainability commitment beyond fuel-related initiatives, rescuing 254,000 pounds of food. This is just the beginning of what's to come. 

Our 300 team members across the country work every day to drive value to app users and our merchant partners. We test, learn and address consumer and merchant feedback to help improve our product every day.  

Our commitment to driving value extends through Upside's business model. Upside doesn't make money until our users and merchant partners do first. And if we can't prove that we helped, then we don't get paid. Period. 

Thanks to the growing number of consumers and merchants joining the Upside platform daily, we're charting new areas for growth into new categories. Join Upside today and see for yourself!

Is the Upside app legit?

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