Introducing your new Upside Dashboard

The Upside Dashboard gives you and your team the data you need to make smart decisions and prove the incremental impact of every dollar you invest in Upside.

January 10, 2024
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Introducing your new Upside Dashboard
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Introducing your new Upside Dashboard

Since 2016, the Upside Dashboard has been the tool that more than 100,000 retailers have used for on-demand access to performance insights. 

We’re launching the new and improved Upside Dashboard to redefine measurement, giving you and your team the data you need to make smart decisions as your industry changes and prove Upside’s incremental impact for every dollar you invest in the program.

New look

for at-a-glance insights

Get the insights you need with simple, clear takeaways that answer your biggest questions. No more searching through pages of data (unless you enjoy that!).

More data

about your customers

Double click into your different customers – whether they're new or your most loyal – to see how they are changing their behavior.

Deeper insights

by location or region

Go beyond the high-level metrics with interactive data visualizations that show you how everything is calculated and ties back to your business.

A look at what’s new

Log in to your dashboard and discover new pages that allow you to dive deeper into your own data and answer your questions about Upside’s impact on your business.

Get insights at a glance

The Homepage is your one-stop-shop for key performance indicators, including: sales lift, customers acquired, monthly trends, and bottom-line impact.

Track promotions

The Promotions page highlights your personalized promotions in action – which promotions are being claimed by each type of customer and how offers are trending over time.

Demystify customer behavior

The Behavior page visualizes how your customer’s behavior is changing - whether they’re transacting on or off the app. You can quantify Upside’s value by isolating program impact from factors that influence your business’ performance on a day-to-day basis.

Put idle pumps to use

Utilizing your existing resources more efficiently is the easiest way to maximize your profit. The Capacity page measures your pump utilization across your business, and shows the impact Upside is having on filling your idle pumps with new volume.

Today this feature is for fuel retailers only

Look out for additional pages with new insights launching soon!

Explore the new dashboard 

Accurate measurement is critical to making sure you’re investing in the right programs for your business. With the new dashboard, it's easier than ever to see how Upside changes customer behavior and delivers you more profit. 

Log in to your dashboard today

Not an Upside customer? Get in touch.  

Introducing your new Upside Dashboard

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