How Cities Shopped in 2020

Do you ever wonder if you're the only person one who asks the waiter for a recommendation and then orders something else? Or if anyone really remembers which side of the car the gas tank is on? We wondered too - so we asked.

How Cities Shopped in 2020 

How does your favorite city stack up? 

Do you ever wonder if you're the only person one who asks the waiter for a recommendation and then orders something else?  Or if anyone really remembers which side of the car the gas tank is on? 

We wondered too - so we asked.

In 2020, Upside wanted to see how people shop for their everyday items. We heard from 2,000 Upside users in 20 cities across the U.S. to learn the habits that make each city stand out when it comes to restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations. 

Here are the How Cities Shop 2020 findings. 

At Restaurants 

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When it comes to take out, Austinites aren't afraid of shelling out a few extra dollars to say thank you. Austin is the city most likely to tip the highest on their take out. 


Boston is known for many things - enthusiastic sports fans, strong accents, Harvard, and now, serious tipping. Bostonians can now add "most likely to tip when dining out" to their resume. 


Chicagoans know how to eat! More than any other city, they’re the most likely to eat a second dinner after they’ve left a restaurant.


The people of Dallas appreciate a well prepared meal — they dine out more than any other city. 


We read that Deven is the “Baby Boomer Capital of America” -- and in this capital city the residents aren’t shy. Denver residents are most likely to leave their phone number on their bill when dining out. Coincidence? Maybe. 


It pays to be kind, especially in Detroit where residents are most likely to leave a higher tip for friendly service. 


Holy cow! For every waiter in Minneapolis trying to give their customers great food recommendations, we apologize. Minneapolis is home to the residents most likely to ask for a recommendation, but then order something else. 

St. Louis

St. Louis residents can't keep it together when eating their famous toasted ravioli. The city is full of the residents most likely to drop a utensil on the floor. 

At the grocery store 

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Atlanta keeps you on your toes. It's a city full of peachtree streets, but nearly zero actual peach trees, and people who prefer bottled or canned drinks over fountain drinks. 

When it comes to beverage preferences, the people of Atlanta are the most likely to prefer purchasing bottled / canned drinks. Why? We’re not sure. But they ranked highest! 

Columbia, SC 

In Soda City, manners matter, and Columbia, SC residents are mostly likely to get annoyed when other shoppers are on the phone in the grocery store. 

Lost Angeles

"The more the merrier" definitely isn't applicable to LA's terrible traffic, but it's the perfect motto for heading to the grocery store. LA residents are second most likely to prefer grocery shopping with others. 


In a city where southern hospitality is alive and well, if you find yourself in a Raleigh grocery store, you can count on the kindness of your fellow shoppers. Raleigh residents are most likely to let shoppers pay first with kids and fewer items. 

Washington, DC

In a city of politics, DC residents are unanimous in one area - recycled bags. DC residents are the second most likely to bring their own shopping bag to the grocery store. 

At the gas station

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In the South’s financial hub, Charlotteeans are used to making smart decisions. And one of them is using a road trip as an excuse to break their diet. Genius! 

El Paso

Appearances matter in the boot-making capital, from shoes to cars. The people of El Paso are most likely of any city to get their car washed.  


Where other cities might be confused in the gas line, the people of Greenville, SC are ready to go. They are second most likely to know which side of the car their gas tank is on. 

*Fun Fact* Finding your gas tank is easy. Look at your gas gauge. Find the small triangle on the gauge. Whichever side the triangle is on, that's the side of your gas tank. 


Tampa is the lightning capital of the world, home to the world's longest sidewalk, and to the residents second most likely to be afraid to drive over a bridge.


Tucson is home to residents who enjoy some of the cleanest air in the U.S., the most days of Sun, and are most likely to get gas in their pajamas. Comfort is king.


Miami has plenty of titles related to commuting- the Cruise Capital of the World, home of the second busiest airport, and now, home of drivers  most likely to stop & use a convenience store bathroom while on the road. 


Life is good in Phoenix. There's no daylight savings time to worry about, it hardly ever rains, and to keep things simple, its residents are most likely to round their gas to the nearest dollar.