Upside users say "thank you" to local businesses

More than 30,000 people said “thank you” to the Upside businesses giving them more value for their dollar

We created Upside to help strengthen local communities by empowering local businesses and customers. Our technology drives proven profit to businesses, so they can provide more value to customers for their everyday needs. To the residents who live in the communities where Upside merchants operate, every one of our more than 20,000 brick and mortar businesses is way more than just a business. 

Our local businesses are local landmarks and mean something to their community. They represent the restaurant where we had our first date, and our first job. They represent the grocery story where we catch up with high school classmates, and where we pick up medications for our kids. They represent the gas station a few blocks over where we fill up every Thursday on our way to work, and the convenience store cashier who knows our name and favorite snack. Local businesses create community.

During the month of December, we launched our “Thankful Campaign” to give our users a way to tell their favorite local business thank you for helping them earn cash back during such a tough year. Over 30,000 Upside users reached out on social media and our website to let us know how much Upside businesses mean to them. That’s more than 154,000 social engagements across channels. 

Thankful Campaign participants were as diverse as our country, with participants from Gen Z all the way to the Boomers, and hailing from as far as Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Holden Heights, Florida, Atlanta, GA, and Washington, DC

One of the most exciting outcomes of this campaign was hearing from users themselves in real time about how Upside helps make their everyday experiences a little brighter.   

Seeing how much these businesses mean to Upside users only makes us more motivated to do everything we can in 2021 to help those businesses. More than 40% of restaurant owners think it’s unlikely that they will be in business in six months without more federal relief packages. While Upside can’t provide federal relief, we can offer an invaluable tool to their survival, for free. That way in addition to our “thank you's,” we can help businesses earn more profit when they need it most.