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Win gallons and customers from competitors

Upside connects you with millions of people through multiple channels to deliver profitable, incremental customers. Our personalized promotions motivate new customers and incentivize your existing customers to spend more, more often. Top retailers have seen a 6% lift in volume within their first year.

Block out the competition

Upside provides you with exclusivity zones around your sites that prevent competitive locations from joining the Upside app. Your sites can capture more gallons and profit without lowering your sign price and cannibalizing your expected customers. The platform is growing quickly and only 30% of stations in a given area are eligible to participate in the program. The time to join is now.

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Simple setup and powerful monitoring

Upside uses the anonymized transaction logs you already have to operate our product — there are no integrations, no work from IT or Operations, and no maintenance. Users claim their offer in the Upside app or one of our partner apps, swipe their card as usual, and Upside matches their receipt with your transaction logs. You can monitor your performance in your on-demand dashboard.

Pay only when you profit

Upside does not charge for clicks or impressions, and there’s no participation fee. Our priorities are aligned so you earn net profit on proven transactions.

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Our unique incremental measurement methodology allows us to determine the incremental transactions they wouldn’t have received without Upside

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All consumer promotions are within your available margin so you earn more than you spend. If a transaction is not incremental to your business, you don’t pay.


increase in Upside user pump-to-store conversion


new customers driven into the c-store (first 60 days)


increase in performance compared to fuel-only sites


of users say Upside influences their c-store purchases

Drive customers from pump to profit centers

Guide fuel customers into high-margin profit centers like your c-store, car wash, or restaurant. Retailers that launch Upside for c-store see a higher pump-to-store conversion, and outperform fuel-only sites by almost 40%

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What Upside app users say

Consumers use Upside to decide where to buy long before they’re on-site, and they choose to keep coming back.

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[This station] offers other amenities and benefits that, when coupled with Upside, make it the best choice for me…If Upside wasn't available, I'd use the [other station] by my office.

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I probably wouldn't have set up rewards & started coming [to this station] more if it wasn't for Upside.

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Upside is the only reason I visit their station. I probably drive by five other gas stations to get to theirs.

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Featured insights for you

Upside analyzes hundreds of millions of transactions each year. Access our library of resources, insights, and business intelligence developed from those data sets.

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