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C-store retailer boosts pump-to-store conversion by 60% with Upside

How Upside increased pump-to-store conversion rates and customer engagement

August 2022

Retailer Profile


Retailer case study


Fuel and convenience



Number of sites

500 gas stations and c-stores

Joined Upside

August 2017

Key results

increase in pump-to-store conversion from Upside users


new customers driven by Upside


increase in visits from existing customers


program return-on-investment since launching c-store

The challenge

Driving on-site traffic and pump-to-store conversion

A prominent convenience store and fuel retailer with locations across the U.S. partnered with Upside to achieve several key objectives:

  • Increase the number of consumers visiting their sites
  • Encourage existing customers to make additional purchases in their c-stores
  • Enhance exposure to their loyalty program

To accomplish these goals, the retailer required an effective solution that would attract new customers and motivate existing patrons to spend more.

Upside solution

Personalized promotions: capturing new customers and driving loyalty to high-margin profit sites

By February 2022, the retailer had launched over 500 fuel and c-store locations on the Upside platform. Upside’s strategy focused on:

  • New customers: 
    - Identifying the consumers that were buying fuel from nearby competitors but had never transacted with the retailer
    - Driving those transactions to the retailer’s location 
    - Exposing those customers to the retailer’s loyalty program 
  • Existing or “regular” customers :
    - Identifying the retailer’s “regular” customers and how much they were buying
    - Increasing the visit frequency and total spend those customers made with the retailer, above and beyond the impact that their loyalty program had 

Pump-to-store conversion is a crucial industry metric that tracks the number of customers making in-store purchases after filling up their tank at the pumps. The Upside platform personalized the experience for both new and existing customers to motivate them to behave differently. In accordance with the retailer's stated goals, Upside drove customers on-site and into their profit center. 

The personalized nature of these promotions bypassed the sign price wars that create a race to the bottom. That meant the retailer was able to avoid blanket promotions that cannibalize profit from sales that "regular" customers would have paid full price for. And because each promotion is within the retailer's margin, they're always profitable.


Increased pump-to-store conversion and customer engagement

Within six months of partnering with Upside for c-store, the retailer generated an additional 12,000 transactions per week of inside sales through Upside. These transactions resulted in: 

  • A >60% increase in pump-to-store conversion 
  • Over 44,000 new customers to their sites, resulting in 12,000 additional transactions per week in inside sales
  • A 19% increase in visits from existing customers

Upside’s digital marketplace played a pivotal role in transforming the retailer’s pump-to-store conversion rates, attracting new customers on-site, and increasing the frequency of visits from existing customers. Upside serves as both a reach and retention tool, driving new loyalty conversions at the retailer’s sites. 

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