New customers and more profit, guaranteed.

Restaurants across the nation are using Upside to make more profit from each customer without increasing menu prices. The technology identifies which nearby customers aren’t dining at your restaurant today, and uses profitable cash-back promotions to bring them through your doors. These promotions are based on the data you already have, and your profit is guaranteed.

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Profit is guaranteed!

NO long term contracts

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What Upside does for you

Drives customers & higher spend to your locations.

Restaurants on Upside see new customers, more repeat visits, and larger check sizes.

Does the work for you.

No operations, point of sale, or IT involvement is required with Upside. Just set it and forget it.

Proves everything with data.

Upside puts the data you already have to work. We use it to power our technology & prove our impact on every transaction, and you can track that impact with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Guarantees profit.

We keep every promotion within your margin to make sure you earn profit on every transaction, or you don’t pay.

How Upside works

Increases your exposure.

Upside puts your restaurant in front of thousands of people near you who use the free Upside mobile app to decide where to dine.

Finds new customers.

Upside looks at users’ purchasing history and the anonymized processor data you already have to find those new and infrequent customers who should be dining with you, but aren’t today.

Changes customer behavior.

Upside generates profitable cash back promotions and makes them available in the Upside mobile app. These promotions incentivize customers to choose your restaurant and keep coming back.

Earns profit for you.

Upside closely monitors your margins and only operates within those margins so all additional sales are profitable for you.

Don’t just take our word for it

See what the Upside community has to say
Make it a habit to check before you head somewhere. Great deals come around and you don’t want to miss it!
Ed V.
Referring friends means you get to sit back and relax as you watch the money add up in your account!
Paige C.
You don’t have to link a card, but if you do you can check in to the station and not even have to upload your receipt, which makes an already easy app EVEN EASIER!
Melissa B.
I was skeptical, researched and I said I would give it a shot for a month and look at me now ! $220 in and still making money daily off referrals.
Vanessa D.
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What makes Upside different?

No contracts

There are no contracts or monthly subscription fees with Upside.

No unnecessary discounting.

Unlike most programs that unnecessarily discount or promote menu items that a customer was going to buy anyway (like your loyal customers), Upside only provides promotions to new or infrequent customers that need extra motivation to order more.

Data security.

Your data is secure and so is your customers’. Upsidee generates promotions based on the passive collection of anonymized card information and does not use personally identifiable information.

Proven results.

Upside’s methodology definitively proves which transactions & profits were generated as a result of the program. It’s been tested, audited, and verified by 20,000 businesses; most rigorously by 3 Fortune 50 companies and the independent reviewer Guidehouse.

Aligned with your business.

If we don’t deliver proven profit, you don’t pay.

Complements your existing programs.

Upside works well with any existing loyalty programs you run at your restaurant, and even removes the cost of the existing loyalty program from Upside promotions. That way you never “double pay” for using Upside alongside other programs.

Better reach.

Only about 10-15% of regular customers use a restaurant’s loyalty program. Working with multiple high-quality brands on a platform like Upside improves your customer reach and retention.

What other restaurants have to say

How we’ve made an impact in businesses just like yours

“Upside is a true partner that operates with my restaurant’s best interests in mind. The program requires no additional work from me or my staff and does what it promises to do - bring new customers and more profit to our business. It’s easy and a guaranteed win for anyone on the program.”
Robby Earnhardt, Owner & GM of Ol' Bob’s BBQ

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