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Whitehead Oil Co. and Upside

Chad Wollan, Chief Operating Officer at Whitehead Oil Co., has had sites on the Upside platform for more than 4 years and has decided to launch their restaurants and QSRs, too. Why? Listen for more.

Whitehead Oil Company
Whitehead Oil Company
October 10, 2023
Whitehead Oil Co. and Upside
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Chad Wollen is the Chief Operating Officer at Whitehead Oil Co., based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Wollen sat down with us at the NACS Show in 2023 to share about his Upside experience.

Whitehead Oil Co. first heard about Upside at a Phillips 66 convention four years ago, and launched 31 locations on the Upside platform. They were were one of the first marketers in their area to join, excited about the possibility of new gallons and creating repeat customers.

After years of successful partnership, Whitehead Oil is now process of launching their restaurants on the Upside platform.

Wollen explains that with Upside, the cost to acquire a customer is minimal when you compare it to putting out new products, giving away free products, and launching entirely new marketing programs. He says: 

"The beauty of Upside is they handle all the creative, all the advertising, all the marketing. And for the most part, our convenience store associates and the folks working don't even know that Upside is working on the back end to create new customers for us. All we have to do is operate a clean, you know, friendly establishment and Upside just brings more and more traffic." 

Whitehead Oil Co. has tried a number of marketing efforts that provide 20 cent discounts or 10 cent discounts, on top of all the costs of marketing. "The ROI on [Upside] is astonishing," Wollen says. "We’re very pleased with the ROI and the number of gallons — incremental and repeat — that we've gotten through this program."

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