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Stinker Stores and Upside

Billy Colemire, Director of Marketing at Stinker Stores, says that the platform's resonance with their customers and the data that validates their results make their partnership with Upside a great one.

Stinker Stores
Stinker Stores
December 12, 2023
Stinker Stores and Upside
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Billy Colemire, Director of Marketing at Stinker Stores, sat down with us at the NACS Show in 2023 to share about his Upside experience.

He said that in the beginning, there was internal reluctance within his organization to join the Upside platform. But after launch, opinions changed.

Stinker's owner Charley Jones was at a Stinker location when a customer came up to him and sang praises about Upside and the value it provided. The fact that the program resonates with customers, combined with the honest and direct communication they have with the Upside team, helped changed Jones' mind. Not to mention the data that validates the numbers their seeing on their own books.

Colemire says, "The partnership has been terrific all around, and it's a really good team to work with."

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