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H&S Energy and Upside

Amir Hassan — Director of Operations and Retail for H&S Energy — discusses why they chose Upside and what makes the platform different from other partners.

H&S Energy
H&S Energy
October 10, 2023
H&S Energy and Upside
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Amir Hassan is the Director of Operations and Retail at H&S Energy Products, LLC, a retailer who recently launched 100 of their California sites on the Upside platform.

Hassan sat down with us at the NACS Show in 2023 and shared about his Upside experience.

H&S is always working to win incremental gallons. They joined Upside to motivate customers to come in more frequently, and their results show the platform is doing just that. Customers that used to come once a month are now coming multiple times a month. They're spending more, and they're moving beyond the pump to use all the amenities at H&S stores.

Hassan mentions that he feels Upside is a partner, because Upside only make money when H&S makes money. He notes that's different from other vendors that charge a monthly subscription fee. "[We're] comfortable partnering with Upside, because we win when they win." 

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