The tech behind Schnucks 6% same-store EBITDA lift

How Upside's digital marketplace drove measurable results for the regional supermarket chain.

February 2023

Retailer Profile






4 states across the Midwest

Number of sites

115 stores

Joined Upside

October 2021

Key results

Same-store EBITDA lift


of Upside users were new to shopping at Schnucks


of non-loyalty members on Upside joined Schnucks Rewards within 30 days


increase in-store visits from existing Schnucks Rewards members


more spending per visit for existing Schnucks Rewards members

The challenge

Lifting sales in a changing market

Schnucks faced the challenge of offsetting rising costs and maintaining profits amidst economic uncertainty and supply chain disruption. The regional supermarket chain had already invested significantly in increasing sales per square foot and implementing traditional marketing strategies to drive traffic and incentivize purchases among existing customers.

Schnucks needed a solution that could:

  • Expand their reach to acquire new customers
  • Increase engagement among their existing (“regular”) customers
  • Bolster participation in their Schnucks Rewards loyalty program without increasing their acquisition costs
Upside solution

Creating an additional revenue stream with Upside

In 2021, Schnucks partnered with Upside's digital marketplace to address their challenges and achieve measurable results. Here's how Upside's solution tackled Schnucks' specific needs:

Expand reach and acquire new customers:

Upside provided Schnucks access to a vast network of millions of users through its digital marketplace. By delivering personalized cash back offers to Upside users, Schnucks attracted many new customers who needed to become more familiar with the brand. This customer base expansion contributed to increased sales and revenue for Schnucks.

Increase engagement among existing customers:

Upside employed targeted strategies to enhance engagement among Schnucks' existing or "regular" customers. Through personalized promotions and rewards, Upside motivated these customers to increase their visit frequency and spending at Schnucks locations. This resulted in a substantial boost in sales and customer loyalty.

Bolster participation in Schnucks Rewards:

Upside strengthened participation in Schnucks Rewards, the supermarket chain's loyalty program. By integrating Upside's platform with Schnucks Rewards, non-loyalty members on Upside were enticed to join the program, further enhancing customer engagement and driving repeat business.


A 6% same-store EBITDA lift

After partnering with Upside, the retailer saw a 6%+ increase in EBITDA compared to their locations not on Upside. This led to an impressive $2.4 million in incremental revenue.

Nearly two years into the partnership, Schnucks has achieved sales growth unheard of in the food retail industry: a consistent incremental sales lift of nearly 2%, without spending additional funds on advertising or traditional marketing, delivering a 50% return on investment. These sales flow to the bottom line, driving an outsized 6% same-store EBITDA lift. And that’s just the start.

The Upside impact:

  • 9.1% of Upside users were new to shopping at Schnucks
  • 20% of Upside users were not enrolled in the Schnucks Rewards program, and 23% of those non-loyalty members joined the Schnucks Rewards program within 30 days
  • Existing Schnucks Rewards members started visiting stores 35% more often and spent 5% more per visit with Upside

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