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Supermarket sees 75%+ increase in basket size and 90% ROI with Upside

Gelson’s grocery chain boosts basket size, profit, and customer visit frequency.

April 2022

Retailer Profile


Gelson’s Markets




Southern California

Number of sites

27 stores

Joined Upside

October 2020

Key results

average basket size


new profit


Increase in visit frequency, with 36% increase in new customers from Upside


program return-on-investment

The challenge

Enhancing customer experience and increasing profitability

Gelson's, an upscale grocery store chain in Los Angeles, California, is known for providing top-quality products and experiences to its customers. To maintain its commitment to excellence and further grow its business, Gelson's needed a solution to increase basket size, profit, and customer visit frequency.

Upside solution

Personalized cash back offers for Gelson’s shoppers

Gelson's partnered with Upside to harness the power of personalized cash back offers tailored specifically to their shoppers. Upside's solution offers several key differentiators that were instrumental in driving Gelson's success:

  • Drive up same-store sales, not costs: Upside's personalized, profitable promotions reached Gelson's customers at the crucial decision-making stage, influencing their purchasing behavior. By offering the right incentives, Upside effectively drove new customers to Gelson's stores and encouraged each customer to increase their basket size.
  • Prove attribution on every transaction: Upside provided Gelson's with clear visibility into the direct impact of their personalized offers. By accurately attributing sales to Upside, Gelson's could measure the return on investment based on incremental profit, going beyond mere clicks or views. This level of transparency allowed Gelson's to make data-driven decisions and optimize their promotional strategies for maximum profitability.
  • A cost structure that prioritized their business and profits: Unlike programs that charge fees based on uncertain metrics, Upside's profit-share model ensured that Gelson's only paid when proven incremental profit was delivered. This business model aligned with Gelson's interests and emphasized Upside's commitment to driving tangible results and maximizing their partner's profitability.

Increased basket size, profit, and customer loyalty

The partnership with Upside produced outstanding results for Gelson's over a year:

  • $320,000 in new profit
  • 1.6x visit frequency, with 36% new customers from Upside
  • A 50% return on investment for the program

We’ve partnered with Upside to continue our commitment to providing best-in-class products and experiences for shoppers. Their model moves beyond tracking clicks or impressions and gives us insight into our customers that drive measurable results.”

  • Yvonne Manganaro
    VP of Marketing, Gelson’s

Upside's personalized promotions have helped Gelson's drive new, profitable business, ensuring a bright future for the upscale grocery store chain.

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