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Fuel and convenience


Jacksonville, FL

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Key results

Expanded visibility to reach an additional 148.9K drivers daily, marking a 16x increase.

Leveraged Upside to extend reach beyond physical sign price visibility.

Successfully bridged the gap between physical and digital presence, maximizing daily reach potential.

The challenge

Improving reach of your sign price to attract more customers

For a fuel station in Jacksonville, Florida, location and price were the key determinants of their customer's fuel purchasing decisions. Given that the location was fixed, the challenge lay in maximizing the reach of consumers that the station's sign price could attract each day.

Upside solution

Increasing station visibility with Upside’s digital marketplace

Upside analyzed the station's situation and deduced that drivers within 0.2 miles of the station could see the sign price. By scrutinizing Florida's Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) reports, Upside established that the station could reach 9.7k consumers daily through its sign price.

But Upside's approach didn't end there. By expanding the analysis to include roads within a reasonable driving distance for competitive gas prices, Upside identified eight additional roads. These routes accounted for an extra 148.9k drivers, signifying a 16x increase in the potential number of consumers who could see the station’s price.

With digital tools like Upside, retailers have a shot at capturing these consumers. Without a digital presence, the retailer reduces their reach to only consumers that can see the sign price.


Maximizing customer reach with a digital presence

By incorporating Upside, the fuel retailer dramatically expanded its reach. The station went from capturing the attention of 9.7k daily drivers to potentially engaging with 148.9k drivers - a significant boost in visibility.

In essence, the Jacksonville fuel retailer leveraged Upside to bridge the gap between its physical and digital presence, thus opening doors to more potential customers than ever before. The results underline Upside's unique capacity to widen your reach while driving measurable, net-new volume right to your station.

This retailer put their station on the Upside app and is getting the word out to more drivers: How are you reaching consumers daily beyond just your sign price alone?

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