Upside Rescues Over 1 Million Pounds of Food With the Help of Food Retailers and Users

August 30, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 30, 2023  — Upside, an innovative technology company dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses financially, is proud to announce that it has rescued over 1 million pounds of food with the help of Upside food retailers and the users who shop at those restaurants and grocery stores. Upside’s strategy of driving incremental profit not only benefits retailers' bottom lines but also aligns perfectly with its commitment to minimizing food waste through its 1% pledge.

"Making commerce more efficient shouldn't just be about people and businesses. We also need to think about the bigger picture, like the impact on food waste," Tyler Renaghan, Vice President of Retail at Upside, pointed out. "At Upside, we're proud to not only connect retailers with local consumers, but also to make meaningful progress in reducing the environmental impact of the food sector."

Apart from offering direct financial support to Food Rescue US and (FKA MEANS Database), participating retailers can also harness Upside's platform for additional benefits in the fight against food waste. By utilizing the platform, retailers gain access to extensive insights into the purchasing patterns of Upside users. This valuable data can play a pivotal role in devising strategies that enhance the distribution of perishable goods. Looking ahead, Upside is poised to introduce item-level promotions, which will assist food retailers in improving their strategies to quickly sell perishable items before they expire.

“Upside has been instrumental in advancing our mission to create a more sustainable future, where everyone has access to nutritious food." noted Dave Lampert, CEO of Food Rescue US. "Their support has been invaluable for our food recovery work. With their help, we’ve been able to expand into 42 locations across 24 states and DC.”

Food waste poses a significant environmental challenge. When food isn't used, it means the resources used to grow and make the food are wasted—like land, water, labor, and energy. Then, when food goes to landfills, it creates methane, a major cause of climate change. In fact, around 8% of all global greenhouse gas emissions come from food waste.  Aiming to tackle this issue, Food Rescue US and MEANS Database work to salvage food. This dual effort not only aids individuals lacking sufficient sustenance but also diminishes airborne CO2 levels.

“In the ever-changing world we live in, filled with challenges such as inflation, supply chain issues, and climate change, collaboration has become essential,” said Sammie Paul, Executive Director of “Upside's continued support of's work to redistribute food to our neighbors in need is one example of a fantastic collaboration that benefits both people and the planet. Through this partnership with Upside, we have been able to redistribute over 394,600 pounds of food to people across the country this year, while simultaneously preventing 677,691 lbs of carbon from being emitted."

Upside is committed to shaping a more sustainable future for all. Since 2016, Upside has offset more than three million metric tons of CO2 emissions linked to fuel purchases made through its platform. In 2021, Upside's CO2 offset achievements surpassed those of many prominent corporate entities, positioning the company ahead of industry giants like Microsoft and General Motors, and trailing closely behind Disney. 

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