Upside Partners with OneDataSource to Propel Quick-Service Restaurant Profitability

April 23, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 23, 2024 – Upside, a leading digital marketplace dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses financially, has forged a new partnership with a data and business intelligence company serving quick-service restaurant (QSR) franchise owners. This partnership makes it easier than ever for QSR brands to join Upside's marketplace, facilitated by seamless integrations with leading point-of-sale providers. 

"At OneDataSource, we are diligently building strategic partnerships with top-tier companies to better serve our restaurant franchise partners, and Upside has emerged as a standout partner," said Bruce Belvin, Founder and CEO of OneDataSource. “Together with Upside, we are empowering restaurant franchises to thrive in an increasingly competitive market by harnessing the power of data-driven insights and personalized promotions.”

Key Benefits of the Partnership:

  • Unlocks Greater Profit Potential: With access to critical data points provided by OneDataSource – including line item and discount information, among other historical and ongoing data elements – this partnership empowers Upside to create personalized customer offers that directly boost retailers' bottom line.
  • Enhances Impact Measurement: Retailers will get greater visibility into what offers are driving sales, ensuring maximum ROI. Additionally, quick service restaurants can conveniently monitor performance through their on-demand dashboard to help them make decisions about where to invest their hard-won budget. 
  • Streamlines Onboarding to the Upside Platform: The partnership between OneDataSource and Upside streamlines implementation, boasting launch timelines of just 5-10 business days. This translates to minimal effort on the part of owners, sparing them and staff from becoming overly entangled in technical complexities. As a result, business operations can proceed as usual with minimal interruption.

“OneDataSource and the retailers they serve have already done tremendous work to integrate their systems and ensure accurate data flow,” said Nick Worswick, President of Retailer Go-to-Market at Upside. “By plugging into this established relationship, Upside enables retailers to magnify the impact of their investment in OneDataSource, thereby driving increased in-store profits. This in turn will offer Upside users more value across a wider array of establishments, and amplify the impact of our marketplace for other retailers.”

Over 100,000 retailers use Upside to win new customers and repeat visits. Unlike other platforms that charge fees based on views, clicks, or sales, and often claim credit even when they can't directly prove their impact, Upside's profit-sharing business model ensures that the sales it generates are both profitable and incremental for retailers' businesses.

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