The Dhanani Group & Upside expand partnership to 1,100 restaurants nationwide

August 27, 2019

HOUSTON—August 27, 2019—Leading restaurant franchisee ​The Dhanani Group​ has expanded their partnership with ​GetUpside ​to ​1,100+ restaurants​ in ​twenty-one states​ following a highly successful pilot program.

GetUpside brings the power of ​personalization​ to brick-and-mortar locations, benefiting consumers and merchants alike. GetUpside users ​earn cash back​ by claiming offers in the mobile app, while merchants see​ incremental profit​ from every transaction closed on the platform.

The Dhanani Group is the ​third-largest restaurant franchisee in the U.S.​ and has multiplied their business by a factor of 18 over the past seven years. To ensure continued profitable scaling, they partnered with GetUpside at 300 Dhanani restaurants including ​Burger King, Popeyes​ and ​Cyclone Ayanas​. Over a six-month period on the GetUpside platform, these Dhanani restaurants saw a​ 4x increase in monthly visit frequency and average user spend​, resulting in a ​68 percent return on investment​. These results encouraged The Dhanani Group to implement GetUpside at an ​additional 800+ restaurants nationally​, including in major metro markets such as H​ouston, Austin, Minneapolis, Chicago,​ and ​Boston​.

“GetUpside’s results are proven. Our operators continue business as usual and GetUpside brings us customers we wouldn’t see without the platform. And it does so profitably,” said ​Zohaib Dhanani, COO of The Dhanani Group​. “GetUpside’s measurement techniques not only help us understand these new customers, but also tell us about how our existing customers’ behavior is changing. That gives us insight into the exact value the GetUpside platform provides.”

GetUpside incentivizes new customers to visit a restaurant and existing customers to visit more often. This guarantees that ​every transaction through the app is profitable​ for the merchant and allows customers to benefit too. Merchants pass along the anonymized information they already have—PCI-compliant transaction logs—and GetUpside combs through anonymized credit/debit card information which allows them to personalize each customer’s experience.

“Personalization and in-depth measurement is the future of the restaurant industry, and we are excited to expand our partnership with forward-thinking merchants like The Dhanani Group. We are proud to bring them value they can see,” said ​Jen Millard, CRO of GetUpside.

GetUpside personalizes brick-and-mortar commerce to help communities thrive. As we connect people with businesses, consumers get more purchasing power, merchants earn more profit, and value is driven back to communities. By analyzing historical customer data, GetUpside creates personalized offers that bring merchants new customers and increases repeat visits. GetUpside is currently available at more than 10,000 locations in 31 states throughout the U.S. and has provided more than $25 million in increased profit and cash back to merchants and consumers. getupside (dot) com

The Dhanani Group is the third-largest restaurant franchise group in the U.S. and with annual revenue exceeding $1 billion dollars. The company was founded in 1976 by Shoukat Dhanani with investments in gas stations and convenience stores and entered the restaurant franchise space in 1994. The Dhanani Group now owns more than a thousand franchises across the country, including top brands like Burger King, Popeye’s and La Madeleine. The Houston-based company remains 100-percent family-owned and operated and continually invests in innovative technology to fuel growth and provide customers with the top dining experience possible.

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