The Aubuchon Company Elevates Customer Experience with Upside Partnership

December 5, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C., December 5, 2023 – Upside, a leading digital marketplace dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses financially, has partnered with the Aubuchon Company, a fourth-generation family-owned hardware chain comprising 112 stores in the Northeast. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, as the Aubuchon Company becomes the inaugural hardware retailer on Upside's platform to offer cash back opportunities beyond Upside’s current food and fuel categories.

“As the Aubuchon Company grows, Upside's digital marketplace provides us with a new avenue to connect with both new and existing customers," stated William E. Aubuchon, IV President & CEO. "This partnership will introduce innovative ways for us to engage digitally with customers, fostering stronger relationships and loyalty.”

Upside initially transformed brick-and-mortar commerce in the fuel sector. Leveraging personalized cash back promotions that adjust in real-time, Upside provides consumers with 2-3 times more value than other products, and retailers with the opportunity to earn more profit on every transaction. This success paved the way for expansion into restaurants and grocery stores, establishing Upside as the largest food and fuel network in the United States, with over $5 billion in annual commerce flowing through its platform. To date, Upside has returned $575 million in cash to its users, generated $1.3 billion in profit for its retailer partners, and allocated 1% of its revenue to support sustainability initiatives.

“Our goal is to become a digital layer that makes all brick and mortar commerce more economically efficient,” said Nick Worswick, President of Retailer Go to Market at Upside. “We are excited about the strides we are making toward this goal, particularly through our new partnership with the forward-thinking, locally owned and operated hardware retailer, Aubuchon Company. We look forward to measurably increasing foot traffic at their high-quality locations.”

The new partnership not only broadens users' opportunities to earn cash back at new locations but also significantly enhances the marketplace's impact for retailers. By aligning participating retailers with other everyday categories, the Upside platform increases their relevance to consumers. In a specific midwestern region, an Upside case study found that the addition of grocery and restaurant locations alongside fuel outlets resulted in a 74% increase in Upside app usage and a 50% rise in transactions. This ripple effect extended to Upside's retail partners, who witnessed a notable 31% increase in incremental revenue.

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Upside is a digital marketplace that connects millions of consumers with brick and mortar retailers nationwide. Since 2016, Upside's personalized offers have empowered individuals to gain greater purchasing power for their essential needs and helped businesses achieve measurable profits. Billions of dollars in commerce run through the Upside platform every year, and that value goes directly back to our retailers, the consumers they serve, and towards important sustainability initiatives. For more:


Founded by William E. Aubuchon, Sr in 1908, the Aubuchon Company is the oldest and largest family-owned hardware store chain in America. Now in its fourth generation and operating nine retail hardware brands, the purpose of the Aubuchon Company is “to serve those who depend on us and build on our heritage with passion and humility.” The company’s mission is to build up the strongest group of local hardware stores and brands across the country. For more information about the Aubuchon Company, visit To shop online, visit

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