How Papa Johns gets more transactions without extra budget

Hear how this Papa Johns franchise uses Upside to drive towards their goal of +3% growth each year.

Papa Johns
Papa Johns
October 10, 2023
How Papa Johns gets more transactions without extra budget
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Ray Sears, Director of Local Marketing at PJ Restaurants (Papa Johns) spoke on-stage at FCES 2023 about how to embrace AI without killing your budget.

Spears says:

With Upside it's nice to see the customer journey. The franchisee can pick a customer, know what they ordered, and know what promotion we gave them. Then Upside will go hit them with a different offer if we aren't able to acquire them over X amount of time, or we'll make a more attractive offer or less of an offer. It's nice seeing the ROI of these "self-funded monies." You get the feeling that you're not taking out of the budget to create transactions. We try to keep a growth of at least minimally 3% each year. So when we're adding 30, 40, 50, up to 100 transactions a month with Upside, that's that's a big deal. It seems small in general, but three orders out of 100 is 3%. It's nice to see that.

PJ Restaurants (Papa Johns) has 40 locations on the Upside platform.

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