Heritage Grocers Group and Upside

Hear from the CMO and COO of a regional grocery chain about how they use Upside to innovate and remain competitive in a crowded space.

Heritage Grocers Group
Heritage Grocers Group
May 8, 2024
Heritage Grocers Group and Upside
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Heritage Grocers Group, a multi-brand family of grocery chains across six different states, began its partnership with Upside in 2021. Three years later, CMO Adam Salgado and COO Prabash Coswatte reflect on today's market challenges in the grocery industry and how Upside's digital marketplace helps them attract and retain customers.

“We’ve been able to capture new visits, customers that perhaps didn’t have us on their radar," says Salgado. "But because of the great offers that they’re getting in a personalized manner, we are now part of their consideration set."

Measurable returns demonstrate Upside’s impact: "Since starting with Upside, we have seen our ROI grow tremendously," says Salgado. "We have worked together to find ways of making sure that the ROI grows."

"75% ROI – I'll take that to the bank any day." — Adam Salgado, CMO

Looking ahead, both Coswatte and Salgado see a bright future for the Upside partnership. "As we grow, I expect our relationship with Upside to grow," says Coswatte.

"As we go into new cities and states, Upside is a really good vehicle to introduce us to the consumer." — Prabash Coswatte, COO

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