Upside isn’t just great for people and businesses; it’s a great place to work

Join the fastest-growing tech startup with a mission to help communities thrive and a culture guided by empathy, authenticity, and impact

April 15, 2022
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Upside isn’t just great for people and businesses; it’s a great place to work
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Upside isn’t just great for people and businesses; it’s a great place to work

Upside, the fastest-growing tech startup, is hiring!

Headline after headline tells us how important personalization is for people and businesses in the modern shopping experience. Online personalization is made easy by cookies and tracking, but the offline, brick and mortar world doesn't have such an advantage.   

Our community staples—our grocery and convenience stores, our restaurants and cafes, our gas stations, our local hubs—have been unable to keep up with the level of personalization that online retailers can offer. 

Upside is leveling the playing field.  

Our team is driven every day by our mission to help communities thrive. We want to support a future where main streets are made vibrant by thriving commerce. Where downtowns are filled with the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of local industry. Where shoppers and business owners know each other’s names. 

Our technology is gaining traction not just because it works well, but because it does good. A single solution that measurably benefits people, businesses, and the planet is not something you find in a typical workplace – and it’s why our team is growing so fast.

Doing good for the world 

Upside helps us turn our everyday purchases into more value for people, profit for businesses, and protection for our planet. When everyone wins, that’s the Upside. 

Financially, this helps communities: 

  • Keep business local. Our personalization app drives nearby shoppers to local retailers. Coming out of COVID, merchants and local businesses need to figure out how to rebuild their businesses and get customers coming back. And we’re working to solve that problem for them. 
  • Drive guaranteed net profits. There’s lots of marketing programs out there that claim to bring in new customers. We bring new customers to merchants in a way that’s extremely measurable, personalized, and profitable. Billions of dollars run through our platform every year. And that value goes directly back to our local retailers. To date, we’ve redirected over $300 million to brick and mortar shop owners. 
  • Reward shoppers. We help consumers at the same time we help merchants. We treat every customer individually, and we guide merchants to offer promotions that are actually good for their consumers. Plus, we reward shoppers with 2 - 3 times more cash back than any other product. We know everyone could use a couple more dollars in their pocket to buy the things they need for everyday life. So with over $150 million in cash back opportunities and counting – we’re celebrating shoppers for getting out and getting things done. 

We’re so serious about putting our communities first that we don’t earn a single cent until our users and retailers do first. 

Fuel is where we started — it helped us build a product doing good for everyone involved, and is what is allowing us to expand so quickly in other industries like restaurants and grocery stores. We know that helping our brick and mortar communities today means protecting our world for tomorrow, and we take that to heart. 

For the planet, Upside contributes 1% of our revenue to sustainability initiatives related to each purchase. With our footprint in food and fuel, Upside has been able to:  

  • Offset nearly 2 million metric tons of CO2 emissions from the environment.  
  • Rescue over 60,000 pounds of food from going to waste.  

That puts us in league with some of the biggest companies doing good.

A culture guided by our values 

We work just as hard internally to foster strong teams as we do externally to strengthen local communities. We Upsiders are woven together by six core values

  1. Empathic. Every Upsider brings a compelling story to the table. We foster an atmosphere based on learning from others to build useful, artful, and innovative technology. 
  1. Genuine. Work at Upside feels natural because we inspire each other to live and work authentically.  We’re heralded by an honest leadership team that leads by example and encourages participation from all levels.
  1. Diverse. Diversity is complex and intersectional. We work to cultivate an atmosphere that appreciates unique perspectives, experiences, and identities. And we appreciate that this work is never done.  
  1. Supportive. Through the ups and downs, we embrace, accept, and celebrate each other. If you have an idea or suggestion that makes business sense, you can make it happen. Our systems allow each of us to grow our careers in the ways we want to.  
  1. Transparent. We are a data-driven company; we use data to problem-solve and guide our decisions. We are open with our merchants, users, and internal team about our processes, successes, and room for improvement. We see that in our Monday morning 5 Big Things from our CEO, weekly Ask Me Anything sessions with leadership, and our Monthly Reviews where we discuss the state of the business. 
  1. Impactful. We measure the impact of everything we do to ensure we’re making the biggest (positive) impact possible. That applies to our users, merchants, and team members.  

Encouraging participation 

Our commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and work-life balance supports our team members so that together we can all thrive. Maintaining the best company culture possible is a deliberate, company-wide effort.  

  • All Upsiders maintain ownership of our company; the only way we can succeed is together.  
  • We regularly rotate seats on our Culture Committee. The Committee guides culture activities, like professionally facilitated discussions on race and inequality to help us listen, reflect, and understand.
  • We regularly solicit feedback from team members – privately and in company-wide Ask Me Anything sessions – to ensure every voice has a space to be heard and to contribute to our mission. 
  • Upsiders parktake in social (but for now, mostly virtual) events that keep us all connected and lighthearted. 

As we grow, we are very thoughtful about the way we build our teams. We broaden our sourcing and training at the top of the hiring funnel to remove obstacles and enable people with diverse backgrounds to make it to the end of our hiring process.

And our executives lead by example. Our leaders publicly demonstrate a healthy work-life balance (check our benefits like unlimited PTO), work cross-functionally to push forward our best ideas, and participate in the day-to-day silliness of our company to make every day. 

Joining the team

Whether you’re in Sales, Engineering, or something in between, our product makes sense and our mission is clear.  Upside delivers value no matter how you look at it – for merchants, customers, and our employees.

Our tenacious team has already achieved so much, and we want to do more to accelerate our impact.  We are hiring rapidly for all types of positions to help us get there. 

Want to get in on the excitement? Start your next journey with Upside.

Upside isn’t just great for people and businesses; it’s a great place to work

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