Build something
that matters

Create something new

At Upside, you won’t just maintain the status quo. You’ll build something completely new that impacts real people in the real world.

Build and refine processes

Change is a constant at Upside; you’ll help evolve our product and processes to support the changing needs of our business as we scale. 

Grow in your role

Your work will change as the business grows, providing you with exposure to a number of different problem sets and opportunities. 

Many teams, one mission

Our Research & Development (R&D) organization is composed of smaller groups that allow our Engineers to become true owners of their areas of responsibility. A team leader works with each group, helping team members build new skills and reach the next level in their career. Regardless of your group, your work is aligned with company goals that empower you to make a tangible difference with your everyday work.

Some of our R&D groups include:

Phone - Upside


Our Platform group supports Upside’s growth through automation and machine learning, and delivers systems and tools that our Engineering and Operations teams use every day.

Consumers - Upside


The Consumer group builds and maintains our top-rated mobile app and various partner solutions, ensuring the best possible user experience while driving business growth.

House - Upside


Our Merchant group provides our retailers with the products and dashboards needed to feel and understand Upside’s impact on their business. This group maintains our pricing and billing systems for retailers, and ensures our retail partners have access to any data they need.

Alert - Upside

Information Security

Upside is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of merchant, partner, and consumer data. Our Information Security team leads the charge to ensure our processes and technology support this commitment.

Our tech stack

We empower our teams to choose the best tools for the job. This is a small sampling of some of the technology we use.

Hear from our team

Avaneesh - Upside
“I'm often asked by candidates "’Why Upside?’ I love answering this question because I'm so proud of what Upside has accomplished in a short amount of time. From culture to vision to execution, the leadership at Upside sets a high bar for not only the employees but, more importantly, themselves. They hold themselves accountable and bend over backwards to be transparent and honest about how key decisions affect the company.”
Avaneesh S.
Solutions Architect
Mia K - Upside

“At Upside, I have been given so much support in continuing to grow as a leader. There are times that I miss the mark, and I am given great feedback to learn and grow from. When I do a great job, I get the same level of feedback. Leadership wants me to be the best version of myself and are willing to invest in me to help make that happen.”

Mia K.
Senior Manager, Engineering

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