Driving profitable gallons across your portfolio, guaranteed

Industry leaders across the country use Upside to target every customer on the road and  generate more profitable gallons at their locations. Upside’s machine learning algorithms enable refiner partners to accomplish one-on-one personalization en masse, so they can incentivize customers to buy more, more often at their distributor and retailer locations.

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How Upside works

Acquires customers.

Upside grows its own network of more than 30 million users nationwide who use the free Upside mobile app to decide where to buy.

Identifies the customers who should choose you.

Upside’s AI platform cross-references users’ purchasing behavior and 12 months of anonymized transaction data your sites already have to find new and infrequent customers who should be choosing you, but aren’t today.

Incentivizes customers to change their behavior.

Upside generates profitable cash back promotions delivered through the free mobile app that are proven to bring those customers to you instead of your competitors.

Guarantees profit.

Upside closely monitors margins by grade in real time and only operates within those margins so all additional gallons through Upside are net-profitable.

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Make it a habit to check before you head somewhere. Great deals come around and you don’t want to miss it!
Ed V.
Referring friends means you get to sit back and relax as you watch the money add up in your account!
Paige C.
You don’t have to link a card, but if you do you can check in to the station and not even have to upload your receipt, which makes an already easy app EVEN EASIER!
Melissa B.
I was skeptical, researched and I said I would give it a shot for a month and look at me now ! $220 in and still making money daily off referrals.
Vanessa D.
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What makes Upside different?

No cannibalization.

Unlike most products and apps that unnecessarily discount or promote a good or service that a consumer was going to purchase anyway, Upside only incentivizes new or infrequent customers that need extra motivation to buy more.

Data security.

Your data is secure and so is your customers’. Upside generates promotions based on the passive collection of anonymized card information and does not use personally identifiable information.

Measurable, proven results.

Upside’s methodology definitively proves the profit generated as a result of the program. Our measurement has been tested, audited, and verified by 20,000 merchants; most rigorously by 3 Fortune 50 companies and the independent reviewer Guidehouse.

Works alongside loyalty programs.

Upside works well with all existing loyalty programs, and even removes the cost of the existing loyalty program from Upside promotions. That way merchants never “double pay” for running two separate programs.

Better reach.

Better reach. Only about 10-15% of existing customers use a merchant’s loyalty program. Working with multiple brands on a platform like Upside improves customer reach and retention.

Performance-based pricing.

If we don’t deliver proven profit, you don’t pay.

What other brands have to say

How we’ve impacted businesses just like yours

“Adding Upside to our branded program portfolio has greatly benefited our marketer network. With our Upside collaboration, we're able to offer another tool for our marketers to use to win new business and gallons in an environment where every transaction matters. In 2020, Upside drove more than $10.6M+ in incremental revenue, 4.6M+ in incremental gallons, and 308K+ in new transactions for our customers.”
Lou Burke, Manager of Branded Sales at Phillips 66
“I am a multiple jobber across both Shell and Marathon. It's seamless between all of my stations. It's so nice to be able to do one thing no matter what brand it is. And my customer is winning. They are winning and I am winning, because I'm serving everyone that comes through the door, no matter what logo is on the outside the building. Their pocket is fuller and ultimately my pocket is fuller. It's a win-win for everybody.”
Elizabeth Waring, President & CEO of Busy Bee
“Upside is currently delivering over 1,500,000 incremental gallons a month to my stations in the Washington D.C. metro area. They are on track to deliver 2 million incremental gallons a month. All this with no staff training, no hardware, no software upgrades, and no work from my IT team.”
Hossein Ejtemai, Founder, President, & CEO of Petroleum Marketing Group

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