How does Upside acquire new customers?

Our goal is to bring you new customers and new transactions while Upside works in the background. In order to do that, we have invested millions of dollars in growing our user base and constantly finding new customers through different marketing ideas and programs.

“They help bring customers to my site that I wouldn’t have already.”
Imad Khalil
President of Kelly’s Fuel Mart

Core customer acquisition

Here is an overview of the main ways that we acquire customers and ultimately drives more profit to your business.

Referral program

One way that we reach new customers is by having our current users share Upside with their own networks. Users share their unique promo code with friends and family right through the mobile app.

We incentivize sharing by granting a one-time bonus to the referring user. They get that bonus when their referee claims an offer through Upside for the first time. Customers continue to receive small bonuses every time each of their referees use the app, encouraging customers to keep using - and sharing! - Upside.

Organic search

Upside is a top Travel App and has consistently high ratings on the IOS and Android app stores. As a result, customers search for and install the app directly. We monitor our app store ratings closely to maintain a solid reputation among customers.


Upside is always looking for new ways to bring you new customers and more gallons when you need it most. One area of driver growth has been with delivery drivers. These drivers are on the road now more than ever before.

In fact, home package delivery is up 65%, restaurant delivery is up 67%, and grocery delivery is up 150% from 2019. In order to invest in this new trend, Upside partnered with delivery apps to bring our offers to their network of drivers. Now, these high value drivers are aware of  Upside, and thousands of them have transacted with our retail partners around the country. Upside also has partnerships with GasBuddy and Checkout51 to provide our personalized offers to their customers.

Supplemental Marketing

Radio + Digital
We are always testing new ways to reach users, including radio endorsements and digital marketing. In certain markets, we will run endorsements from DJs—including Ryan Seacrest and Bobby Bones—to encourage customers to download and use the Upside app. In other markets, we will test paid ads and social media promotions to reach new customers.
PR + Media
Upside secures mainstream print and television coverage, both locally and in national outlets, to introduce the app to a wider audience and drive new installs. You can see all of our press coverage here.